Agile - You're probably doing it wrong

Agile  – You’re probably doing it wrong.

I’ve worked in a few “Agile” environments — but can safely say that I think only one of these had Agile “right” for their needs. I recently read a blog post about Agile being done wrong, and it made me think, which is never a good thing. There are so many different thoughts on Agile, and what it involves, and what it means to development. But what’s right? Is there a right? One of the common misconceptions about “Agile” is that it itself is another methodology, like Prince 2, where things are …

When “testing” goes wrong….Breaking News, Breaking Rules

Today, something very strange popped up on my phone, at 10:22am. I’m used to the lovely BBC Breaking news music going off every now and again, so I when I hear it, I have to check and see what’s going on. However, the message on my phone this time wasn’t quiet the breaking news I’m used to (if you can be used to such a thing)

How we learn

How We Learn – 5 (not so shocking) tips on how to understand theory

Learning — Something we have all done in our past, and something we’ll all do in our future. To be fair, you’re probably learning something right now, you just don’t think of it as “learning”. I’ve always been a practical learner — I understand things a lot better when I’m actually doing them. Theoretical things just never make sense to me straight away; it takes time for my brain to appreciate what is going on. You could say I have to imagine the theoretical as practical events in my mind before they stick.

Royal Mail Bikes, Only for Scrap

 A couple of weeks ago I had to pop to my local sorting office to collect a parcel. Parking in this place is always a nightmare, so I ventured around the back to what I assumed was the Staff Car park, and pulled in. Whilst walking back to the collection desk, I noticed a rather untidy collection of Royal Mail bikes, next to the main Bike shed in the car park. Being nosey (and a bit of a bike-enthusiast), I went over to have a look at these (kind of) …

Twitter Trends

When I first moved to Cardiff, I got involved in a public speaking event called “Ignite“. Being new to the area, and the job, I didn’t really know many people, and had no idea what I could talk about. So I decided to talk about something that, hopefully, the majority of people in the room would have in common. And that subject was Twitter. But not just anything twitter related, I decided to talk specifically about the nature of the tweets in the Cardiff area. Being a geek (I’m allowed …

Do you love your job?

Do you love your job?

We spend (on average) 11.5 years of our life at work. That is nearly 100, 000 hours in the office. And that, is a lot of time. I’m very lucky with my career, in that, my job is my hobby. If I wasn’t paid to do it, I’d be doing it in my spare time any way. It’s something I’m passionate about, and that excites me. If that ever changes, I’ll change my career. I stumbled across an article today highlighting “14 telling signs that you love your job”. So I …

Business to Business Relationships

The importance of a good Business relationship

Today I visited the Internet World show at Earls Court, London. The first expo that I’d been to for a couple of years. Upon arrival, myself and my colleagues established a hit list of companies we wanted to talk to, both existing Business to Business relationships and potential new companies to work with. It soon became apparent that the companies we currently work with are offering so much more than we thought. Within a few words, we’d established that, for the money we invest, we’re really getting far less from the service than …